Divi Color Overlay Not Working on Edge or IE

At present (5th June 2018)  IE/Edge does not support background overlay on images.

*** There is nothing Elegant Themes can do about this as it is a browser problem. ***

Overlay Correct in Chrome

Overlay Not Working in Edge

How to Fix Divi Color Overlay on Images in Edge / IE

Correcting the issue is easy to do and can all be done using Divi, no coding required.

Simply use a gradient background with the same color as your overlay for both the start and end colors, and set the gradient to show over the image.

Please see below for step by step guide.

** The end result might be slightly different from the original overlay **

Step 1

Copy Color From Existing Overlay


Step 2

Paste Color To Both Start & End for Gradient


Step 3

Set Gradient to Show Above Image

After setting the gradient color, scroll down the page and set the “Place Gradient Above Background Image:” to Yes

Step 4

Change Background Image Blend to Normal


After These Steps Overlay Is Showing in Edge

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