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Elegant Themes User Community

Great for getting help and ET Updates

Divi Web Designers

Our primary purpose is to share our work for inspiration and feedback, to share tips and tools related to Divi and WordPress and ultimately to help empower each other to become better Divi Web Designers.

Divi & Extra for Business

This group exists to help and connect anyone who uses the WordPress themes, Divi and Extra or the Divi Builder plugin
by Elegant Themes to grow their businesses.

Divi Theme Layouts

A place to share and discuss Divi Theme layouts… and nothing else.

Elegant Themes - Divi Users

This is group is a peer support area for users of the Divi theme. :- Help & Tutorials

This is a closed group with help and tutorials.

Divi Freelance

Looking for a Freelance Web Developer? Divi Freelance has a range of packages available

Divi Help and Share

A group to request help or to share your projects

Divi Soup

Whilst there are many fantastic Divi Facebook Groups, Divi Soupies aims to be a little different. This is a group for education and self improvement for Divi Designers, Developers and Entrepreneurs.
Topics can be anything Divi related, whether that is design, development, business or something else.

Divi Freelancers

This group is intended for job postings only.

Divi Designers & Developers

We are a group of web designers, developers, marketers, and related professionals.  We are here to share, support and learn.

Divi Academy

This is a closed group exclusively for students of the Divi Child Theme Course, to discuss the course, help each other, get feedback and advice, collaborate, network and share resources.

These aren’t Divi related but worth a mention

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